So here’s the question anyone reading this is probably wondering about. Why on earth are you writing this? Well, there’s no simple answer (and trust me I’m not going to lecture you on all my motives) but a combination of factors that has led me to start this. So let me outline some –

  • I have been a Christian for what feels like forever. I have been worshipping at my current church for coming up to 9 years. I feel like God is calling me to do something else, to find and challenge my vocation and to share it with others. I want to share my faith with others, push my own comfort zones, and encourage myself to be the best person that I can be in Christ. So here we are.
  • Secondly, every day I seem to be faced with a torrent of media, stories, images and high profile people which have criticised religion or completely written it off as irrelevant and unneeded. Yet for many people across the world, religion is a key factor in their lives, and is very much present and needed. It is becoming increasingly hard to be proud of your faith in a society that is becoming so anti-religion. I want to show you that Christians and members of all faiths are just ordinary people who are living ordinary lives, but with an extraordinary example to follow and an extraordinary belief that bind them as one. Religion is not to be feared as a way of inciting terrorism, for example. It’s a way of living life in the best way possible; learning in spirit just as much as in body; and being part of an amazing body of people who can support you, uplift you, and share in your joy. If you want to read more on why I believe religion is important, click here.
  • Completely unrelated to religion itself, this is a way of documenting my life, of sharing my thoughts, my ups and my downs. I hope that in the future, I will look back on everything I wrote. Perhaps I will find comfort and encouragement in what I write. Perhaps something that happened will touch me in a new way. Perhaps I can laugh at my experiences Manchester, or I will find new hope in the words preached in sermons I documented, but have long since forgotten. This is a way to live my life, and to relive it. To laugh and to cry, and to be able to look back and say: this is who I am.
  • I hope that what I write makes you laugh. I hope what I write doesn’t make you cry. But if it does, then perhaps I have shown you something. Perhaps people will begin to understand me. Perhaps I can help someone. Just someone out there in the see of 7 billion, someone will understand me. Or someone will need my words to show them something they never thought they needed to be shown. This is my voice. And I’m not afraid to use it, to spread my opinions. And if just one person finds encouragement then this will be worth it. Because I never want people to feel as alone as I did in the days I have forgotten to remember. I want people to know that I am here, and just as in reading this you walk beside me, so I walk beside you in faith and hope and love.
  • Somebody recently told me that “young people” were not needed in the Church. And I ran away and burst into tears (here). Unfortunately, especially in the Church of England, there has been an ingrained attitude against the integration of “young people” into daily worship, for the fear that they would change things or introduce radical ideas. Yet no one seems to see that we are just Christians with the same faith and the same living purpose as they have. In fact, theoretically, we are the future (has anyone else got “We are the world” stuck in their heads right now?) and kindling faith in our hearts will lead to the next generation of Christians. If we are cast aside, what will be the future of the Church and who will be the next leaders? In today’s society, I believe that teenage Christians are needed more than ever and this is my way of showing to you that we are not to be feared, we are not some alien species! No – we are just like Christians for centuries before us and it is our duty to spread the word of God further than ever before and find a place for faith in a world that seems to be losing it.

I don’t really care if you are reading this because you are a Christian, or if you’re not. I don’t care if you believe in a God or whether you think it’s just all a load of rubbish. What I would like you to see is that I am a normal teenage girl. Yes – my religion may make me view situations or experiences differently, but that makes me who I am. Something makes you who you are too. That might not be God for you, but it’s something. I don’t just write about God, but about everything (literally everything – even soggy canapés). Whoever you are, and whatever you believe, I hope you can enjoy sharing a little part of my life, and seeing a small insight into what it’s like to be a teenage Christian girl in Britain.

Now who’s ready for this adventure?