Tell us about yourself. A sentence that always instils fear into me! Whenever you join a new group, in school or out, that is the first thing you are asked. And what do you say? There always seems so much to say, and yet so little seems relevant in that tiny snippet of time. Or you forget all about yourself and mumble something so worthless that everyone thinks you are the most uninteresting person they have EVER met -even more so than Great Uncle Jim who you have had to sit next to at every family reunion since 1990… I digress.

What is there to say about me that you may find vaguely interesting? Well here goes.

I have been brought up in England my whole life.  My parents were both brought up Christian, and my brother and I were brought up with faith as a core part of life, to the extent that I can’t remember a life when we didn’t go to church. My Mother used to be the organist and choir master for our local church, and so we have always been used to being in a church, even when we didn’t have to be. My brother was a Cathedral chorister and so between ages 8-16 I attended services up to 6 times a week. We have continued to be congregants at the Cathedral, and I am both a Steward and reader.

Although I was brought up Christian and was baptised soon after I was born, I would say that my faith only really became important to me when I was having a horrible time at my secondary school. I hated it and would cry every morning on the way to school. At that time my brother sang between 3-6 services a week, so we were regularly in the congregation. It was at that time that my faith became integral to my life. It was something I could turn to when everything else was going wrong, and I knew it was somewhere I would always be accepted. Although I maybe didn’t understand everything, I enjoyed having the place and the time where I could reflect in peace, and just be happy with being myself, rather than hiding away. I was confirmed in March 2013 and since then I have very much accepted being a Christian as part of my identity, although my faith continues to grow stronger every day, and is far from perfect!

I am in full time education at a Christian foundation school. During the weekends I enjoy reading books and playing my musical instruments (‘cello and piano). I sing in Chapel Choir, Chamber Choir, and play in the Orchestra. My academic passion is for Classics (encompassing both Latin and Greek), but I also study French, History English Literature at A level (yes I am taking 5 A levels, yes I am weird). I am in my U6th year at school, and in the process of applying to Universities for entry in September 2018.

I have included a little fact file for some more interesting and random facts about me! Or for more in depth information, take a look at the 63 questions I answered.

Age: 17

Height: Around 5’10”

Birthday: 9th January, 2000

Favourite colour: Blue

Siblings: 1 brother, aged 14

Favourite season: Autumn > Winter

Favourite thing to do at the weekend: Sleep, and hang out on the sofa with a blanket and book, go for a walk or bake.

Favourite food: Really? I don’t think I need to answer this one – CHOCOLATE 😀

Favourite thing to play: Bach ‘cello suites or Mozart piano sonatas

Favourite film: 4 Weddings and a funeral, or Love Actually (I’m a hopeless romantic at heart!)


NB If my life takes a sudden turn I will be sure to update this page…watch this space 🙂