63 questions – the answers :)

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  1. What’s your favorite color? Blue, somewhere between light blue and dark blue, royal-ish blue. When I was younger people used to tell me that blue “brought out the colour of [my] eyes.” Generally though I like bright colours (but in proportion) so I usually pair something dark with something bright. You’d never see me in an outfit that I wasn’t convinced matched. As such most of my wardrobe is blue so that it matches everything else! My bedroom is blue with blue curtains and white furniture and my curtains are blue with white spots!
  2. What’s your favorite food? Chocolate. That’s really the end of that question. I am particularly partial to a chocolate brownie or cookie. For a meal, I like a good roast, particularly beef (and yorkshire puddings :)) on a Sunday, as well as pizza, macaroni cheese, fish. I’m pretty easy going when it comes to meals.
  3. What’s your favorite dessert? Melt in the middle chocolate pudding and vanilla ice cream, or Yule Log at Christmas time. Nothing beats them, but I can only eat them occasionally!
  4. How old are you? 16, nearrllyyy 17 (in 76 days, 7 hours, 5 minutes, and 9 seconds – at the time of writing!).
  5. What is your favorite subject in school? I don’t hesitate to say that I’m a real nerd. My brother and I often sit down to dinner discussing Greek grammar and we drive our parents crazy! I love Classical languages, Greek and Latin. I hope to go on to study Classics or Theology at University.
  6. What are some of your favorite books? I have loads of books that I love. It changes all the time. When I was very young I loved Each Peach Pear Plum and Bedtime for Little Dragons and they’re still special books to me. I love Roald Dahl’s Matilda and more recently Louis de Bernieres’ The Dust that Falls from Dreams. There are so many! For more recent things I’ve enjoyed, take a look here. I’ll do another book update soon.
  7. What are some of your favorite movies? I’m a big Christmas movie person. For some reason a Christmas movie never fails to cheer me up! However, I’ve also enjoyed Shakespeare in Love, Suffragette, Bridget Jones, Blackadder, and The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas.
  8. What kind of music are you into? I like listening to a variety of music. When I’m working I listen to classical and choral music or acoustic versions of songs. I also like music from musicals and some popular music. I hate rap music or things with a really heavy beat – they just give me a headache! I mainly sing choral music and classical solo pieces. On ‘cello I love to play the Bach suites, and I just like fiddling around on the piano, playing anything I can.
  9. If you were going to write a book, what would you call it and what would it be about? I would try and write a book about something I could relate to, and that had worldwide moral message. I think literature has a purpose in entertainment, but also a huge ability to persuade and influence and I would like anything I wrote to make people think. It would include elements of subjects I find particularly enthralling because I know I’d be able to write in detail and passionately about them. I would also try and include aspects of my personality in my writing. I would hopefully give it a striking and intriguing title that would make it scream at you from the shelves of a library or bookstore.
  10. What accomplishment are you most proud of? I would say I have many moments where I have felt proud of myself. I think one my most prominent memories where I felt proud of myself, was when I opened the letter from my current school to say that I had been accepted there as a scholar. I was completely overwhelmed, and it’s one of the only times I can remember crying with happiness. I was so unhappy at my old school, but I never believed I would be able to leave, and would not be able to go to the new school, without being a scholar. It meant the world to me, and has made me the person I am today. It has truly taught me the value of a brilliant and happy education. I remember being so excited and happy. My school makes me proud of myself, but as a scholar hope I’ve done my school proud too.
  11. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? I think I always wanted to be a teacher or a priest. I just wanted to help people, be happy and not have to do maths!
  12. What do you do for fun? I like to read, play and listen to music, and watch TV. My favourite TV programme recently has been Victoria. I am also currently watching the Great British Bake off, although the final is tonight..! I go walking and cycling in the woods next to my house. I enjoy swimming and zumba at school. If I am free, I like window shopping and meeting up for coffee with friends. As more occasional social activities, I enjoy bowling and going to the cinema. And of course, I write this!
  13. Do you like traveling? I do like travelling, but I also like my home. I prefer staying in Europe, because there are so many amazing sights to see and it’s not that long a flight/journey. I find it really hard to eat on planes, and I get very sea sick, so travelling is not my forte. I have been to the East Coast of America and enjoyed it when I got there, not so much the travelling part! I love Edinburgh, and one of my favourite holidays was spent on a road trip around Scotland. My favourite part of Britain I have been to so far is the Cotswolds. I would like to explore more of the world when I’m older, but right now, my country is full of places for me to discover.
  14. If you could visit any country in the world, where would you go? If money and travelling were no barrier, and I could click my fingers and be there, I would go to Australia. It seems so far away, and even mystical to me. Over the summer we spent a week with our friends who live in Australia and some of their friends in Tuscany. I would love to visit them all someday. We always receive a Christmas card from Australia with Santa on the beach, and a sleigh pulled with kangaroos. I think it must be strange to see kangaroos just hopping around, I’ve only ever seen a wallaby, and that was behind bars.
  15. If someone asked you to give them a random piece of advice, what would you say? I would say don’t be afraid to be yourself. We are all different and so we should be! You should be proud of who you are, and should not feel like you have to be bullied into being someone you’re not just to fit in with the crowd. Also, don’t be afraid to talk to people. If you’re having a hard time, a problem shared is a problem halved. I find if I keep things to myself I worry more and the problem builds up. I often talk to my school Chaplain, Canons at the Cathedral and my Housemistress about how I’m feeling. It really does help although it can seem daunting at first!
  16. What’s one of your favorite habits you have? I have a habit of waking up and thinking about the day before getting up, and I do the same before I go to sleep. I find it helps me prepare for the day and be more organised and get things clearer in my head. It’s also very relaxing before I go to bed and helps me to switch off and get a better night’s sleep.
  17. What are some things that make you really happy? I love spending quality time with family and close friends. Working weeks can be very stressful, so I am happiest when I am relaxed at the weekends or during the holiday. I get a lot of gratification out of helping others, whether that’s at my charity work at Mencap, helping with the Lower School at school or helping my peers. I like seeing other people happy. If the people I’m surrounded by are happy then I’m happy too.
  18. What are some things that make you really sad? I get sad about world problems that I cannot change. I cannot imagine all those people out in the world who haven’t got the right to a voice or an education like I have, who are faced daily with poverty, persecution, warfare, hunger, violence and so much more. I want to help, and knowing that help will never reach everyone who needs it upsets me. On a more local scale, problems such as bullying, racism, discrimination, homelessness and judging people you don’t know make me angry and upset. I wish I could change it all.
  19. What are some things that scare you? Heights scare me. I think it derives from the fear of being in a potentially dangerous situation. If I am ever in a position where something could happen to me, e.g. falling, I feel scared. The fear of the unknown is also something that scares me. I don’t like to go into something that I haven’t explicitly practised or thought through in my brain. I get nervous, as mentioned when talking about Tenebrae, and so if I go into a performance and feel like I am under-prepared I get scared, but this is usually resolved by persistant practice and rehearsal in the performance space. I also really don’t like escalators – random I know!
  20. Do you like to plan things out in detail or be spontaneous? I am very much a planning person. It helps me to feel calmer in situations. I get quite travel sick in cars, so I like to know what roads I’m going on and how long it will take. If something happens that is unexpected I go into a cycle of worrying. If I have an excuse to worry, I do. For example, I remember we were flying once to the Isle of Man for a birthday party, and our flight was cancelled. I started worrying because we wouldn’t get there in time, we wouldn’t be able to be picked up from the airport, we wouldn’t get on another plane, our luggage would get lost. I worried about the whole wedding party who were flying out for a wedding that day, who weren’t going to make it. I worried when we were transported to Southampton Airport that our luggage was still at Gatwick. I would definitely prefer that everything goes according to plan and to know what I’m doing. Admittedly though, there are some occasions where spontaneity is beneficial. I guess I like a mix, maybe 75% planning and 25% spontaneity?!
  21. If you could go back in history, who would you like to meet? I don’t think I would. The idea of going back into history and seeing things as they happen seems so cool, new and fun. But I think it would be really dangerous. Wouldn’t you just be tempted to change history? To try and intercept the greatest tragedies and make the world perfect? The truth is that the world isn’t perfect, and tragedy happens every day. If we spend to long looking at the past and the figures in the past, we would lose sight of both the present and the future. If history hadn’t happened the way it did, none of us would be the people who we are today, or the people who we will be tomorrow. There are so many inspirational figures of History I would like to have met, but when think about it, if I could have the chance to go back in History, I don’t think I would do it…
  22. Would you rather live in the country or in the city? I was talking about this to my brother yesterday, and said I’d prefer to live in the country, but with easy access to a city. I came up with a list of essentials for things I needed to have within 5 minutes of where I lived: wifi, a train station to a major city, a supermarket, post office and Church. I prefer the quiet of the country and I think it gives you the freedom to go out and appreciate nature. I’ve always loved growing up in a place where I had space to run about. The sense of community in small country villages is also really special. But at the same time, I do like the city. There’s something about the hustle and bustle and the buzz. There’s always something to do. I’d like the best of both worlds, but if I had to choose one, it would be the country!
  23. What was your life like growing up? I had a very privileged upbringing. My parents had both worked in the City before I was born (in the decades BC) and I was always fortunate to live in a stable and loving environment, with a mix between countryside and city life. I have had a brilliant education and am surrounded by people who love me. I have been exposed to more privilege than I could ever ask for, and for that I will always be grateful. Many of my friends think I was brought up in the dark times – I would rather read and I had no concept of what was happening on the TV. I didn’t really care about celebrities or fashion. I was never cool  – but that didn’t bother me. We were given the values of being polite and respectful, of working hard and then having fun. I was brought up with a strong faith that has guided me through the darkest times of my life, though I recognise that my struggles are but a speck on the lives of others. All things considered, I only wish that more people could be given the start to life that I have been given.
  24. Do you have any brothers or sisters? How many? I have one brother, who is 14. We are very similar in what we like, but we have different personalities and things we enjoy doing outside of school. He is very active whereas I enjoy more of a balance between relaxation and activity. He is also far better at music than I am! But we get on pretty well. He is my shopping buddy at Christmas, my closest ally and most loyal confidante.
  25. Who in your life has influenced you the most? How did they do it? I think my main influences come from my faith but also my parents and teachers. Going to Church every Sunday when I was younger and attending Sunday Schools and Youth groups instilled in me my own set of faith-given, faith-driven values. It taught me to value the reasoning and morality behind my speech and actions. As I’ve said before, with faith my world hasn’t changed, but how I see the world has, and how I act in that world changes. My parents have been with me day in day out for 16 and a half years so it’s understandable that they would influence me. Their encouragement and advice has somewhat shaped my life, and I can see much of how I act in their behaviours, but to a large extent I am clearly different and have my own personality and opinions too. I do like to get my voice heard! My teachers have always been a source of influence for me, and especially now I am older. They have always been there to support me in times which are hard. They give me the guidance to ‘sail on’ when its tough, and help me to balance my work and social life! They understand what I am going through and offer an objective opinion which helps me to see things differently.
  26. What’s your favorite joke? It’s a long standing jab that my family have at me that I don’t get jokes very quickly. Sometimes I don’t get jokes, more often than not I just don’t find them funny. My sense of humour is completely different to my family’s. This joke I was told several years ago now. I didn’t get it at first and just continued to eat my dinner. About five minutes later I got it, started randomly laughing having just taken a gulp of water (you can imagine how that ended), and had to leave the room. It’s really not that funny, but it still makes my family laugh, because they remember my out of place reaction to it. So here goes: The Bourbon went up to the Custard Cream and asked “Why are you crying?” The Custard Cream replied, “Because my mother has been a wafer (away for) so long.” Boom Boom…
  27. Have you ever tried sushi? Did you like it? I have tried sushi once, from the supermarket. I didn’t mind it too much, but thinking about it makes me a little nervous. I would never choose to go to a sushi restaurant although I love fish.
  28. Do you like spicy food? Yes, and no. I’m not a fan of a curry though sometimes I eat a mild one at school for dinner. I tried Thai food for the first time this weekend though, and enjoyed it and didn’t find it too spicy. I think my palette for spice has improved over time and I enjoy it more now I am older whereas my brother has always been able to cope with more spicy food, or maybe the English restaurants just only produce really mildly spiced foods now. However, I’m still only at the mild spice stage, I still can’t cope with anything marked with 2 chillies or higher.
  29. How do you like your steak cooked? Medium-Well done!
  30. Do you have a favorite number? Any particular reason why you like that number? I don’t have a favourite number… I like even numbers better than odd numbers, but I don’t know why! If I had to pick a number, I would say 12, because I remember thinking when I was younger that people who were 12 were really cool and I always wanted to be 12, I thought it was just great!
  31. If you were a type of animal, what would you be and why? I think I’d be a dog. I love the outside and to run freely. I don’t like my postman, so I could bark at him. I like being friendly and bringing joy to people. They say a dog is a man’s best friend, and I’d like to be a best friend to someone who needed me. I used to love cats, but I have developed an allergy towards them so I probably wouldn’t be a cat although their life seems so chilled and snuggly, because I would just sneeze at myself all the time!
  32. What’s one of the strangest things you’ve ever done? I have sprinted across Charles Bridge in Prague, dressed like a safari explorer in a matching beige winter coat and all purpose trousers with a bobbly hat with pompoms proclaiming ‘to infinity and beyond’ in true Buzzlightyear-esque style. I was 13, on a choir tour, and there had been a lot of chocolate involved! I frequently get teased about it…
  33. What kind of holidays do you like? I like holidays with my family, not too far from home, and with minimum travelling on small roads! I like to be able to swim, whether in the sea, or in a pool, and to relax. Holidays are some of the only times that we all ‘switch off’ together as a family, so I like there to be a mix between doing nothing, and going out and exploring. I like to see historical places/monuments and eat lots of ice cream! I don’t mind whether it’s sunny or cold, but I prefer to escape the rain! My old History teacher always asked me when I got back from holiday which castle/house/Cathedral or abbey I had visited during the holidays. He knew my family too well, we normally visit at least one of each over any one holiday!
  34. What are some of your major goals in life? I wouldn’t say that I have clear goals that will direct my life. I don’t want to feel constricted by a set plan! I want to have fun, and enjoy life. I want finish my education and go to University to get a degree, and then work in a role where I can truly help other people. Making money doesn’t matter to me. I would far prefer to have a rewarding job and be there for others rather than make a pot of money and be a billionaire! I would like to continue to travel and one day to have a family of my own. Most of all I want to never lose sight of what is important to me, loving, helping, and laughing. If I can do that, then I’ll be happy!
  35. What embarrasses you? My parents, particularly me Mum, are very embarrassing (sorry Mum). Picture this: Waterloo station at nine o’clock at night. A family of 4 walking from one end to the other end. Two of the four lock arms and start dancing across the station singing ‘I’m singing in the rain.’ SOOO embarrassing. In case you’re wondering, the 2 who didn’t start singing were my Dad and I…
  36. What’s your earliest memory? My earliest memory is of me aged around 2 running on the gravel in the gardens behind Hampton Court. I remember my Mum chasing me. She was wearing a green fleece and the typical round glasses of the 90s. However, whilst this is a memory I think I can recall, there are pictures similar to this, although not identical. It’s possible that my memory has been developed from these pictures. However, I remember other things from around aged 2-3 before my brother was born, so it is possible that this is my earliest memory.
  37. What’s the best decision you ever made? The best decision I ever made was to move schools. I was afraid to say yes to moving schools, because I knew that my old school had a brilliant academic reputation and that I would come out with good grades. I had made friends there, and it was what I was used to. I was afraid to step out of that and try something new. I hadn’t been in a co-ed school since the age of about 5 and I was scared of the boys (!)… but once I visited the school I knew that it would be the right thing to go. I found that I feel more like a person now, rather than just another exam statistic. It became most important to me that I was happy in my school, and my grades came second. Actually, being happy and being in an environment where I thrive has helped my grades to soar. I have been given so many opportunities that I would never have been given if I hadn’t have said yes.
  38. Who’s your best / closest friend? I have many friends in and out of school, but I wouldn’t say I have a best friend. My closest ally is my brother, and most of the time we get on well!
  39. What do you think people think of you? I didn’t know this and I was nervous to find out. If someone had three words to describe me, I think they would say honest, hard-working and weird. But I didn’t know and this made me really want to find out about what people think about me, so I asked two of my school friends to write what they really think about me. One said: “She is a gregarious person who will bring charisma and enthusiasm to the work place. She is completely devoted to her academic studies and musical life at school and shows sheer determination in everything she does.” The other said: “She is a hardworking and diligent pupil. Always striving to achieve only the highest standards of work, she achieves exceptional results, well deserved of someone who works as hard as she. She has significant interest in assisting the new Lower Third, and this generosity is to her credit. She is highly motivated, and this can be observed in her dedication to not only her academic work, but also her musical interests and pursuits to engage pupils in the life of Chapel. Always willing to step forward and offer herself wholeheartedly in everything she does, she inspires others with her confidence and drive.” Thanks guys – you’re too kind!
  40. If you could learn one random skill, what would you learn? I would learn to speak Mandarin Chinese. I started to learn in year 7-8, but stopped when I moved school. There are an increasing number of people, tourists and immigrants, whose first language is Chinese. China is booming as an economic and industrial investment state, and thrives in business. I hate not being able to communicate with people in their own language, and I think this would open up my communication to a whole new range of people.
  41. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? I think I am introvert. I enjoy the company of people, and getting know people. I also like time to myself at home. I guess I’m more of a public extrovert and private introvert. I like going out, but in proportion and find time spend watching a movie or reading wrapped in a blanket at home just as enjoyable as going out to a party most of the time. I took an online test which gave me a sociability score of 55% and said: “According to your results you appear to be the type of person who enjoys socializing with both large and smaller, more intimate groups of people. You don’t mind being around big crowds, but that doesn’t mean you’ll want to crash every party you’re invited to. Having an active social life and extending your network of friends is relatively important to you, but it isn’t the most crucial thing. You’ve managed to strike a great balance between actively involving yourself in your larger social network, and spending some quality time with a few intimate friends. Although you may not always be the conversation-starter or the “life of the party”, you are generally a very outgoing individual, whether among friends or people you are less familiar with.” I think that sums me up perfectly!
  42. What’s the first thing you notice about people? Their handshake and whether they smile or not. I cannot cope with a limp handshake. It feels like a wet floppy fish..! At first impression, I would like people to be firm in their handshake and to smile. I think I also establish pretty quickly whether people have a sense of humour or not, then I know where I stand!
  43. Do you think people can control their own destiny? I think to a certain extent, yes. It depends into what situation you are born. I have been so privileged being brought up in the way that I have, that I feel like I have the capacity to work hard and achieve anything I might want to. For other people, who lack education and opportunity, many things that they might want to do seem like closed doors to them. However, I think anyone can achieve if they are given opportunity and take it, and have the drive to work hard. Emotionally, we can never control everything, things twist and turn and screw up our lives every day. But we can do is learn to cope with this, and find ways of succeeding  to live and find the joy in living even when the world seems against us. So yes, I think you can, but how easy it is depends on where you start from.
  44. Do you think people are basically bad or basically good? I think everyone is born good. Situations and people we meet harden us or change us over time, but deep down we are all basically good, and that doesn’t change. For more of my thoughts on this, read here.
  45. Would you kill an innocent person if you thought it might mean saving a dozen other people? My Latin set text at the moment is Pro Milone, which is Cicero’s amended defence speech for Milo, who killed a man in self-defence. We’ve spoken a lot about when it is potentially the right thing to kill. I don’t think though that I would ever be able to pull the trigger and kill somebody, even if I knew it was right for the safety of others. If I knew a man was innocent, I could never kill him. I think the pressure of a situation where you are in danger can take over but we can never know what we’d do until we are in a situation like that. If I had a decision between killing someone and saving a dozen (plus me so a baker’s dozen), and sacrificing myself and saving a dozen and I knew that either way the result would be sure, I would sacrifice myself. It just goes against my moral conscience and religion to ever murder someone, especially someone innocent.
  46. In general, what do you think about art? I enjoy art, but in proportion. My Dad is a mahoosive [definition: massively massive] art lover and takes us round art galleries frequently. We always go to the RA Summer Exhibition, and if we go on holiday it has to be in the vicinity of a gallery he can visit. I think it’s important to appreciate art, and especially historical pieces can tell us a lot about attitudes or situations at a particular time. I can cope with art in small bursts. 1-2 hours of art gallery or art is probably my maximum before my brain gives up and stops appreciating it! I think if I approach art in smaller bursts, I am more receptive than if I try and do a whole gallery in one go. Saying that, I’m not a fan of increasingly modern art. Having a cold, my bedside table yesterday was decorated with a pile of used tissues which had not yet migrated to the bin. My brother decided that I should leave them, take a picture and sell it for thousands as modern art. I put the tissues in the bin.
  47. What’s the biggest turnoff in a man? I thought this was an interesting question… I’m not worldly wise in dealing with men (yet)! For me though, first impressions count. I remember joining my current school which co-ed for the first time in 2013, having been at an all girls’ school since the age of 6. I was struck by how bad some of the boys smelt..! So boys, if you’re reading this, please take care with your personal hygiene. Cologne does not disguise not having had a shower for days…Dress smart, be clean, polite, patient, kind and honest, and you’re half way there! Oh dear, I sound quite demanding…!
  48. What’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told? I don’t really know, I’m sure I must have lied more often when I was younger, but I don’t remember. The one thing I know I did, was tell people I was on holiday or visiting family so I didn’t get invited to big parties or sleepovers. I was just never a big party person.
  49. What’s something most people don’t know about you? Most people who know me in person don’t know that I write a blog…! I guess because the reason I started this was a personal documentation of my life, faith and thoughts, and if people read this then that’s awesome, but it wasn’t the primary focus of writing so I don’t tell people unless they ask.
  50. What’s something you wish everyone knew about you? That neither my parents nor I chain me to my desk! When people meet me, they often think that I work all the time, and spend my entire life slogging away at my desk. Wrong! I am a master at the skill of procrastinating. I do work hard, but only after hanging about for at least half an hour checking twitter or losing myself in my thoughts. I never work for more than 2 hours when I get home from school, and finish most of my preps the night before they are due in. My parents spend most of their time telling me to get out of my working mind. They are strict about what they expect from our work, that we should always do our best, but they don’t stand over me or check everything I do. We all enjoy more fun pursuits and are partial to a good game of mini/adventure-golf in the summer!
  51. What are some of the first things you do in the morning? When I my alarm goes off, I tend to sit in my bed, curled up in my warm duvet for 5 minutes and just think, pray and listen to the noises around me. I then take a shower, get dressed and check my phone before the timed wifi restrictions begin at school. I eat breakfast (2 buttered pieces of toast and a glass of water – I eat this every morning), pack everything I didn’t get ready the night before and put it by the front door. I brush my teeth, and set off for school. At the weekend, I do the same, minus the school prep, just a lot less rushed and (honestly) take longer to do my hair!
  52. What’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to you? I don’t know. I feel very guilty answering this question, because I know there are a lot of people out there in the world who suffer so so much more than I do. I am so grateful that I live a life in safety, and not in fear. Physically, the most painful experience I’ve ever been through was when I had an operation on my nose to try and stop my nosebleeds.
  53. Do you cry easily? I would say I’m pretty tough. I do cry about things that really upset me. When people tell me something, especially to my face, that I disagree with fundamentally, I get very upset. This is more likely to upset me later however, and I tend to remove myself from a situation that is upsetting me and then cry, rather than crying in front of people that have upset me. Going outside normally helps me to calm down, or going to a quiet place at school like the Old Chapel or Chapel. Bullying is a weak spot, because I have bad memories of this from my old school, and is something that does make me really upset. But I’m happy to say that this has been stopped, and is no longer affecting me, a couple of weeks on. Like any teenage girl though, my emotions do get the better of me at some points during the month, and there are times where I cry at the stupidest things, and then laugh about it!
  54. How do you feel about public speaking? I don’t mind public speaking. I have been used to speaking in public from a young age. From around age 8, Canon Nicholas got me reading at the Cathedral. Especially at Christmas services, there was usually a large congregation present. Since then I have been involved in drama and school debates. After half term I am leading a Lower School assembly. I still get nervous, don’t get me wrong, but it doesn’t bother me as much as say, singing in public!
  55. Do you like to talk on the phone? It depends to whom I am speaking! If I need to get a short message to someone, I would tend to text/facebook/tweet/DM them. If I need to get an important message to my parents during the day when I’m at school, I do ring them to make sure they get the message/resolve the problem. Otherwise I prefer to speak to people in person, because so much emotion is lost through technology. Maybe in the future when we send holograms of ourselves, I’ll prefer calling people! Of course, for people who live further away from me, I love talking on the phone to catch up.
  56. How many emails do you get each week, roughly? This is a really random question! I would say during the working week I get up to 20 a day, and at the weekends less. Probably around 95-100…
  57. If someone were to make a movie about your life, who would you hope would play you? I would want someone to play me who was honest about how they were feeling, and who was not afraid to take on any challenge that faced them. Someone who shared my passion for family, faith, music and had an academic drive, but who was a bit crazy too! I would want someone who smiled a lot, but was not afraid to be vulnerable too. Most of all, someone who wanted to have fun! One of my friends said that if a movie star had to play me, they would choose Emma Stone or Emma Watson. I’m not so sure!
  58. What’s one of your favorite questions to ask new friends or to get a conversation going? I tend to ask people about what they’re doing or what they enjoy. The other day I was in the junior part of our school and one of the boys was sitting alone on his phone. I went and sat with him and asked him about what he was playing. He was astonished that anyone was interested in what he was doing and told me that I would be better to go and play twister with the others. I said I’d rather stay in the quiet and sit on the sofa. We preceded to have a very interesting conversation about the app Rodeo Stampede before dinner. I had never played the game, but he showed me all his tips and shortcuts. When I saw him on Friday, he came up and we had a conversation about how things were going. It’s amazing that if you take the time to be interested in what other people love, a mutual trust and friendship can form.
  59. Would you ever sky dive or bungee jump? I would never do this for fun, but I can see myself being talked into it for charity. As I said above, I’m terrified of heights so something like this would be a worst nightmare. If I did do it, I would definitely do it through an accredited company and with safety instructors every step of the way. It would have to be a cause I felt truly passionate about!
  60. Have you ever been in a fist fight? No.
  61. What’s the best prank you’ve ever pulled? When I was in year 5, so aged 9 or 10, I received a remote control tarantula for Christmas. After the holidays I was chatting to my Maths teacher, Mrs Dubery, and discovered that she was terrified of spiders. I immediately hatched a cunning plan. Without my parents knowing, I smuggled my tarantula into school. We had double maths, and every time Mrs Dubery turned her back to write something on the board, we took turns to drive and spin the tarantula. Every now and then she would catch something in the corner of her eye whereupon we would grab the spider and stuff it into the pinafore bit of our dresses. About 3/4 of the way through the lesson Mrs Dubery saw the spider and screamed. It was totally worth it, no one got punished, and I never owned up. I think she saw the funny side! DO NOT TRY THIS AT SCHOOL!
  62. What did you do on your 16th birthday? My 16th Birthday was this year, on a Saturday. I remember waking up on the morning and my brother and my parents each brought in a box. I got a new pair of wellies and a waffle maker. I expect you can guess what we had for breakfast! I then went to the Cathedral, where the Dean’s Virger Paul and Cath got married. It was a perfect joyful way to celebrate and I got to see friends and family all in one go as well as eating lots of cake!
  63. If you knew you would die tomorrow, would you feel cheated today? Definitely not. I feel grateful every day to be alive, and I try and make each day the best it can be. I work hard and have fun. I try and enjoy time with friends and family. We are constantly surrounded by reminders of how fast life can be taken away from us. I do believe that there is a good side to everything, even if it seems hidden at first. If I would die tomorrow, I would hope that my memory and love for life and everything I have lived for would live on through my family and friends. I would reside with God in heaven, and there is nothing to feel cheated about when you consider that. To read more on my thoughts on death following a recent funeral, click here.

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