Little Life Lessons

Sometimes, we don’t always do things right, and that’s OK. More often than not, when we do wrong, it acts as a lesson for us and we can learn from it and move on. Sometimes, what we did seems funny afterwards… This week I have learnt quite a lot and I thought I’d share that with you today, perhaps my lessons will help you too 🙂

  1. Before hanging up the washing, check to see whether it’s damp i.e. check that it has actually been washed. Don’t hang up dirty clothes on the washing line.
  2. If you have a nosebleed during the night, always turn the light on and clear up any blood that has got onto the floor, cabinets, sink etc. If you don’t turn the light on, you leave the blood until the morning and then a) it’s harder to clear up and b) your brother will go into the bathroom to have a shower at 6 and scream because it looks like there has been a murder.
  3. Check that your tyres are pumped up before you go on a 10 mile cycle ride. Always take a pump with you just in case.
  4. If you are going to London in the evening on the train and you are under 18, bring ID to verify that you are the age you say you are, if they think you are 16 and you have a child ticket and cannot prove you’re 15, they’ll fine you (this happened to someone else, not me).
  5. If someone’s Facebook account says that it’s their birthday, it might not always be their birthday.
  6. When your Dad volunteers to do the food shopping and buy shampoo/shower gel, tell him which brand you are after otherwise you may end up with Radox for Men (which is better than nothing, but not ideal because you end up smelling like a man all day).
  7. Check what type of biscuits are in the tin before blindly picking one out and stuffing it in, it could be soggy lavender, lemon and blueberry shortbread (not a good combination, I assure you).
  8. When your teacher writes ‘you are not disturbing me at all during the holidays’ in their email, it means ‘go away, you’re disturbing me greatly during the holidays. Leave me in peace.’
  9. Sand cannot get ‘suntanned.’
  10. If you are a semi-bald man, do not put suntan enhancing after-sun through your hair to soothe the burnt scalp underneath. Suntan enhancing means the cream contains brown tanning pigments and your hair will turn orange for the foreseeable future. Especially not good to do if you are high up in the world of banking, and attending business meetings in New York where various people will say ‘Hmmm, what are you trying with your hair?!’ in a sarcastic tone. Unlike in England where this would be noted, but not orally pointed out, Americans will usually speak their minds.
  11. If I am 14 and you are 45, this does not mean that when you are 90, I will be 28.
  12. Finally, telling a boy that his hair looks like a squirrel will not go down well. And saying that your grey hair is actually ‘silver’ does not make it any better. You are, unfortunately and probably quite upsettingly, not a wizard.

So there you go! Hope that brightened your day a little. All these things are true things that I have either said or done myself, or have seen or heard. Most of them turned out to be quite funny in the end – and I often tend to find taking the humorous side to the misfortune ends up hurting you less anyway!

I hope you all have a brilliant day. If you’ve ever done something stupid, seen something funny or learnt a lesson, let me know in the comments below, or tweet me @christiangirlUK.


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