Holidays and compromises

So I haven’t written for aaaagggeesss. Trust me I feel bad! I don’t know whether anyone is actually reading this, but it’s helping me and it’s fun so I’m going to continue it and if anyone reads and it helps them then that’s a bonus! That was a long and probably grammatically incorrect sentence. Oh well. I’m on school holidays.

Holidays! That’s what I was going to write about today, because the reason I haven’t written a post for ages is because I have been on holiday. My family and I made the 6ish hour drive down to St Ives for the week, to spend time together, to relax and chill on the beach! We also ate lots of pasties, fish and chips, brownies, pizza and ice cream. And now I feel very unhealthy and I am going to start eating healthier… But that’s what holidays are all about.

In our family the different people all like different things on holiday. Personally, my favourite holidays are near a beach and a pool, reading my book, sleeping, eating and swimming. And that’s about it. I like to enjoy luxuries like time that I just don’t seem to have at home!

My Mum says she likes the same, but in fact she likes to go out and visit local sites, places of interest and drink cocktails and Pimms on the beach.

This is probably brought on by living with my Dad for 30ish years, who has to do absolutely everything we can in the week, and cram as many things as possible into a day. Art galleries, sights off the beaten track (which drives me mad as I get really car sick), cream teas, vineyards, cider factories, National Trust and English heritage properties and anything else he can get his hands on. He also does a brilliant thing every year. Every January (I’m not exaggerating) he says “I’d rather like to go somewhere hot this October.” When my Mum tells him all the places that are hot in October: Turkey, Morocco, Cyprus etc. And then he says “No I don’t think I fancy any of those.” So we stay at home which is perfectly fine by me!

And my brother is still a child at heart. He loves to walk up and down the beach with the sand in between his toes, build sandcastles and then destroy them himself with buckets of water from the sea. He loves to try anything adventurous, but then usually chickens out at the last minute.

So now we’re older, we reach a happy compromise- my parents go out and do whatever they want to do. If we want to, we can go too, but equally if we just want to stay on the beach and relax we do that!

This holiday reminded me that compromises are extremely important. If we don’t compromise, we end up arguing, and that turns holidays into stressful occasions instead of the relaxing ones they set out to be. Compromising, especially when living with people with whom you have different interests on a 24/7 basis means a more harmonious household (it doesn’t always work with two teenagers!). I love my family and all their quirky likes and dislikes, but sometimes our ideas are not concordant and we have to compromise. And sometimes that means we have to go on single track bumpy passing place roads and I get sick. But that doesn’t matter because at the end of the road, it’s usually worth it.

Anyway, now I have returned I feel rested, relaxed and recuperated (if anyone here is doing GCSE English Language – yes that was an alliterative tricolon of synonymous words in the semantic field of peaceful verbs). But I must forget about my GCSEs and be ready to start my holiday projects. So here we go!

Pictures from my holiday:



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